Technical Diver Training

Training for Technical and Recreational divers with Open Circuit Scuba and Rebreathers is available from Jorge A. Mahauad. Training associations with which training is offered are PADI, SDI / TDI and RAID. You can find a catalogue below. It is in Spanish since the bulk of divers being trained are spanish speakers at this time. If you want to talk about training you can contact me

Entrenamiento para buzos Técnicos y Recreativos con Scuba Circuito Abierto o Rebreather está disponible a través de Jorge A. Mahauad. Las asociaciones de certificación con las cuales se ofrece entrenamiento son  PADISDI / TDI and RAID. Puedes encontrar un catálogo de cursos debajo. Está en Español. Si quieres hablar sobre entrenamiento contáctame