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I'm working on my DAN Instructor knowledge reviews on line. DAN has a very nice e-learning platform and there is a lot of useful information and precise data that makes going through it enjoyable, even if you have heard the same general information several times before. I highly recommend this. 

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An irreparable loss for rebreather diving in Spain, Jordi Mateo passed away today.

Jordi Mateo, a well-known technical and mainly rebreather instructor passed away today. Causes of the incident are not clear yet but, local media and forums in Spain point to an “intoxication” at about 65 meters deep.

Jordi was recognized a few weeks ago for being the TDI instructor with more technical certifications in Spain.  He was a lover of closed rebreather technologies and a leading explorer in his region. 

I met Jordi in EuroTek 2012 and we were working together on a Rebreather trip to the Galapagos for 2014. I’m deeply saddened by his loss and send my condolences to his family, friends and to the general technical diving community in Spain. Rest in peace Jordi.

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