Rebreather technologies in Ecuador

The first ever diving forum in Ecuador “Costabuceo Ecuador” is being held in Guayaquil at this time. It started on Wednesday September 28th, will end on Thursday the 30th and 10 exhibitors are speaking about subjects ranging from underwater photography to diving medicine. Disciplines involved also range from military diving to APNEA and rebreather technologies are obviously included. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the event and I will have another opportunity to speak about advanced diving and its technologies. Other guest speakers include PADI’s Regional Manager Mr. Claudio Brandileone, Biologist and PADI CD Michel Guerrero; we are having a great time here. I will try to keep reporting about the event and tomorrow’s presentations,
Jorge A. Mahauad

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Digging for treasure and inspiration out of personal loss

This has been a difficult week for me. My grandfather Rolf Wittmer passed away on September 11 and I’m just starting to recover from that loss. Rolf was somebody I looked up to; he became my example and role model for many things. Rolf started tourism here in the Galapagos and brought the first divers to the Islands, among many other things. He was a character on himself and a big part of my life is honoring him and his life in many different levels.

A photo of Rolf fixing an old compressor hangs of the wall of my filling station
Rolf left some treasure behind and this week, after many years under his domain, a series of images original photographs with handwritten dedication to the family have been recovered from his personal photo album. The originals will be preserved later this month.

Photographs are from Hans Hass and the “XARIFA Expeditionen”. Dr. Hans Hass, a diving pioneer known mainly for his ground breaking documentaries about the underwater world, which were mostly made with the use of rebreathers as the diving technology of choice. As a result, the XARIFA expeditions rendered in the first ever German film made in Technicolor “Unternehmen Xarifa (1954)”, a film shot in various locations of the Caribbean, Cocos Island and the Gal├ípagos. “Operation XARIFA” won an Oscar for extraordinary underwater photography.

Lotte and Hans Hass

Back inscription: Proud to meet, Lotte and Dr. Hass. Personally and always remember the beautiful, fun evening we had here in Floreana . 


To remember the XARIFA expedition January 1954. In the second visit of the German ship to Floreana

Unlike Rolf, Dr. Hass is still alive. In any case, both men represent a source of inspiration and role models in my life. I now understand that none of us will survive life. On the other hand, I also know our names could and  the power to linger resides in what we make with the time we have, no matter how long that is. It is up to the new pioneers to go beyond our ancestors as they become guidelines for us to keep pushing forward. JAM

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Humpback's and Rebreathers

During the rebreather liveaboard trip in August, one of the team members brought up the idea of filming Humpback Whales with Rebreathers. Insight came immediately. “Yes we can do that. I have the place, the people and the capacity to put together a 5 day trip to do just that”, I said. In fact, we could also combine that with some manta ray reef and diving and make it match with the 2012 rebreather diving trip to Galapagos’s crown jewels Darwin and Wolf. I’m working on that at this time and more details will be released soon. 

The trip will be sometime between August and September 2012 (this is when the humpbacks are here from Antartica). We will be land based; that means staying at a local hotel and taking a day trip boat and get back in the afternoon. I'm also working on having scientific support and in complementing the expedition with research from the Pacific Whale Foundation in Ecuador. This idea is very exciting. I will keep updating. If you want more information please send an email to jorge(at)galapagosccr.com.

Jorge A. Mahauad

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This is why we dive rebreathers here

This clip was recorded on a single 60 minute rebreather dive in the “August 2011 Galapagos Rebreathers expedition”. It was filmed by team member Mike. I barely put together this raw-ish material to try and share the experience of diving rebreathers in the Galapagos Islands. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did, and what I really wish is that we can have more people coming for this amazing experience. If you want to leard how to dive a rebreather or come in a trip just contact me.

Jorge A. Mahauad

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Volcanic cavern at Wolf Island on CCR's

 I am back from the rebreather expedition with PADI CD Andy Phillips, PADI CD Al Schumer and rebreather cameraman Mike Echevarria. After a few days of catching up, the footage is slowly starting to stream on line.

This was filmed at the north side of Wolf Island in the Galapagos Islands. The cavern is located 12 meters underwater with 3 galleries. Formation is from the erosion of volcanic ash. Most of the cavern is actually open water and dive zone is always within daylight. Although this was not a technical dive of any kind, I decided to upload the material for my geologist friends who have never seen this before. It also makes a nice, relaxed dive.

I will keep editing some material and posting it on line.