July 23, 2011: A fun dead end

Charles, Javier, Felipe and I went into a cave this weekend, something that Dr. Thomas Iliffe already explored in the past. I wanted to take a look for myself, it is a place very close to my heart; and, as far as I knew, it was a very short penetration with no navigation involved whatsoever. Beginner stuff, but just the way I wanted it!

I did not think it was that short tough. After a few meters we did hit dead end (at least for anything human sized). The SCUBA equipment wasn't even needed, a snorkel would have been just enough. A few shots of the "dead-end" weekend follow. I'm still working on making the GoPro work with low light conditions, this time I had a wider beam from the HID light.

I’m now working on a plan for next weekend. It will be something completely different in another location. Will keep posting.


Finding a cavern and the Helmet /GoPro setup for sidemount diving

Back in +/-2002? I noticed a cavern in a low traffic dive spot. 9 years later I went back looking for it. I did find something, I'm not sure if it was the one I was looking for tough. I will look into it with more detail in the future, not sure if it is something worth yet.

During the weekend I also did some testing on my homemade sidemount rig and my helmet / GoPro camera. I’m feeling ok with the sidemount setup so far, a lot of adjusting needed still. I also need to figure out a way to make it work better with low light conditions. Any ideas other than external lighting? Maybe a setup tip?

I also did some finning techniques lessons with my brother Javier and guided his first "current" dive :) Will try to post more often,