Richard Pyle on Deep Underwater Exploration

Richard Pyle is one of the pioneers in using technical diving as a tool for underwater exploration. This very prominent member of the underwater community studies deep coral reefs in the range between the 60 and 150 meters and he has discovered hundreds of new species. 

On his proceedings to discover new underwater life, Richard developed many techniques (mainly in decompression and rebreather technologies) that are the basis of today’s technical diving.

In this video conference recorded in 2004, Pyle explains with great clarity the value of deep mixed gas technical diving for science and underwater exploration and exposes the way in which rebreathers support underwater explorers and their main advantages. The dangers and short chain of error in technical diving is reminded to us as well.

Pyle ends his talk with a great set of values and lessons learned along his prominent career. I must say I am most inspired by people like Richard Pyle. He is one of my examples and sketches very well the reason why I do what I do.

Jorge A. Mahauad